Why Do Young Women Like Older Men?

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Why Are Older Men Attracted To Young Women?

Most often, very successful older men want to build relationships with young girls or, on the contrary, complete losers. Very successful older men often get status not only for cars, watches, and suits of a certain brand and value but also for a beautiful young woman (sometimes even several), with whom they appear in the same place where it is customary to boast of watches, suits, and cars. Of course, who would refuse love or even just the pleasant company of young and slender beauty? If you go to a party with a young woman, everyone immediately begins to envy you. And a young woman looks at you with adoration, and you at her - with understanding, because how can you not adore you like that? Yes, this is self-affirmation, of course. True, everything looks very beautiful and perfect, but in practice, there are many problems.

It is much worse when a young woman is in a relationship with a loser, from whom all normal and more experienced women have long turned away. But such a person may well find a fool for himself, read other people's poems to a young woman, and talk about romance. Young women love romance so much, but older ladies too. And then this loser will parasitize on the young woman exactly as long as she can withstand or until she grows wiser. Of course, romances with young women turn on many older men, regardless of their success and failure. In addition, for inexplicable reasons, some young women love both fat and bald all kinds of older men. It is clear they love them not for this, but some other, apparently hidden qualities, but do they love them!? And how can such a young woman not reciprocate?

Men Who Date Much Younger Women

Do Young Women Prefer Older Men?

When a young woman chooses an older partner for herself, reproaches are almost immediately addressed to her. Many people think that such a choice is related only to finances. Is everything so simple?

There are 5 reasons why older men are better than younger ones.

It's more interesting with an older partner.

Statistics indicate a simple fact: men age later than women. And the fact is that after 22 years, women are ready for a serious relationship, make plans, and are ready to give birth to children; in a man, the processes of growing up always come later. As a rule, only by the age of 25, many men think about the family, earlier they want to enjoy their freedom.

Therefore, an older man is already forming a clear position in life. During his life, he receives a lot of useful skills that can be applied. And most importantly, an older partner is smart, so he can tell many stories or share information that will be a discovery for every young woman.


How can you determine the success of a man at his 25 years old? He just can say that he will soon open a successful business that will bring results. The result, in most cases, is deplorable because a young woman believes in a man, and he drops everything and goes to a low-paid job, where he spends the rest of his time.

It is always easier to determine the success of an older man. For example, if after 35 years old he has a stable and good income, it is unlikely that anything will change in the future. Therefore, choosing an older man, every young woman is confident in him and can trust him.

He is proficient in lovemaking. 

A mature man has had many partners in his life. After all, experience is something that can give every young woman pleasure in physical intimacy. An older man perfectly understands how he needs to act to give maximum pleasure to the young woman. And most importantly, many men will make every effort so that their chosen ones get the maximum benefit from physical intimacy. At the same time, the older man will not make unnecessary movements and conduct experiments that can cause pain or discomfort.


An older man perfectly understands why he is building a relationship. From the first minutes, it is easier for him to explain what exactly he wants to receive from his young woman. For example, if an older man says he will not build a serious relationship, it will be so. It is easier to say directly about your desires in order to avoid possible quarrels in the future. At the same time, he will always radiate reliability and self-confidence. And for many young women, this quality is key because guys of the same age can rarely even take care of themselves. And in a relationship with an older man, there is stability and confidence in the future.

If an older man has serious plans, he will not end the relationship. When an older person starts talking about a serious relationship, he will definitely not change his opinion. It is important for him that the rest of his life is stable. Such a person no longer needs to look for other partners, and all negative habits are visible at once. All of this makes the relationship easier and more comfortable.

Info About Men Who Date Much Younger Women

Older men understand that life passes quickly, youth leaves, and they do not find anything better than to try to start all over again while it is still possible. It is difficult to say whether in most cases this will be real love or just falsification (although there are exceptions, there is no doubt about it), but a man is also afraid of old age, and while women cope with the first wrinkles with the help of unique cosmetics, they are going to live forever for the account of young partners. Older women do not know how to love as much as young ones.

Older men choose young women because it is easy for them to subdue the young, showing their authority and power in society. A man likes to play the role of such a "daddy" for a young woman with poor financial support. He likes that she is still able to enjoy everything that he gives her, while older women often begin to show their contempt for the gifts that a man is ready to give her.

Men prefer young women because everything is much easier with them, they have not seen anything yet, and they have nothing to compare with; they rejoice like children at any opportunity to see something new. Their genuine joy inspires older men; they feel young again, omnipotent, desired.

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