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First Date Gift Ideas For Her?

Any man or guy experiences a kind of nervous tension before the first date and does not know what to give and what gift is better for a girl. Many questions arise before him: how to build a conversation at the first meeting? Where to go with a girl? What to gift? How to behave so that the first date is followed by the second? Undoubtedly, any man wants to build a scenario for a first date so that it is romantic, unusual, and unforgettable. In this regard, a gift for the chosen one plays an important role.

You shouldn't choose a very expensive gift for your first date. An expensive gift, a girl who is determined to have a serious relationship can cause a very ambiguous reaction and, as a result, distrust. Your gift should not oblige a person.

When choosing a gift, you must rely on information about the interests and hobbies of the girl that you know at this moment. What kind of music does she like? What films does she like to watch? What is her hobby? What books does she like?

You can choose a creative and not necessarily material gift. But don't get extreme on the first date unless you have agreed on this in advance. Otherwise, an elegant dress and high heels will look pretty funny, for example, on a climbing wall.

Remember that the first date is only the beginning of a future relationship; for this reason, your main goal is to provide the right impetus for the development of the relationship. Spending too much money on a first date is unwise, but you also cannot come without a gift.

For the first date, you can give the girl a beautiful soft toy. In the case of a long walk on the first date, a soft toy will quite acceptably replace a bouquet of fresh flowers. A girl will be delighted with such a gift at any age because every girl loves to squeeze a teddy bear, cat, or bunny in her arms. But you need to choose such a gift very carefully. The toy should not be too big; it should not make too loud sounds or sing love songs. For a first date, this is superfluous.

Everyone knows that girls love to treat themselves to sweets, so you can give a girl candy. But ordinary sweets are not suitable for such a case; you need good quality chocolate products. When choosing good chocolate, pay attention to the packaging as well. Choose beautiful and original packaging. The original box of fortune cookies is a popular unusual tasty souvenir that is quite appropriate to give on a first date. The gift is a small box with delicious cookies inside. And inside each cookie is a funny prediction. A girl can share such a gift with her boyfriend and have fun together from the heart, getting to know the predictions.

How To Find A Girlfriend If You Are Shy

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The Best Places To Take A Girl On A First Date

Sometimes it is difficult to find out the character of your chosen one in just a couple of days, or she is a very closed nature. For such cases, there are classic dates. Most often, they are prescribed in three places:

  • a cafe;
  • a restaurant;
  • cinema.

If little is known about the girl yet, the first option will be the best. Cafes rarely have a distinct cuisine specialization and offer a European standard but varied menu.

A restaurant is a more complicated location because it requires compliance with the dress code and knowledge of etiquette. Such a choice is suitable if it is clear that the beloved is accustomed to such establishments. In this case, it will be necessary to warn her about the destination so that she has time to prepare. Such a rendezvous, alas, will not be a surprise.

The last place for romantic classics is the cinema. This is a common way to conduct a meeting. However, if you buy tickets for a movie that a girl does not like, you can find yourself in an ambiguous position. Melodrama is romantic, but what if she is a bright fan of comedies or a mysterious lover of thrillers?

Emotions experienced together noticeably bring people together. To please a girl and make her remember a romantic meeting for a long time, you can make her laugh. To do this, it is enough to bring your partner to an amusement park, aquapark, the circus, laughter room, roller drome, or skating rink.

How To Behave On A First Date?

Choose a comfortable place for both of you but not too private. Dating sites such as JuicyLocalGirls advise you to make dates only in public places and say goodbye without regrets if you are invited home. Of course, restaurants lead the list of crowded places. But if you are both open to unusual scenarios, there is nothing stopping you, for example, from going with the dogs in the local park. Having a pet is a plus when dating - there will be a topic to talk about.

Don't be late because being late is still one of the top three failures on a first date. And although it is believed that those who like to be late are more creative and optimistic, this explanation is unlikely to help you. Being late is perceived as a sign of insecurity and disrespect. Good advice from time management experts is never to plan to be on time. Set yourself a goal to arrive 15 minutes in advance and figure out what to do if you have to wait. It will be psychologically easier that way.

Turn off the sound on your mobile, or rather do not reach it at all. Digital etiquette is considered a bad form to answer calls and messages while on a first date.

The first date can easily turn into your benefit: the desire to mobilize all your strength and look like your best version of yourself. You will talk about your favorite directors and philosophers, the funniest stories from life, the details of the genealogy, and much more. Remember that dating values interest in the other person: the ability to ask questions about her life and listen to her.

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